Top10Covers Ratings Description

All the tracks we feature at Top10Covers are high quality, otherwise they wouldn't be here. Further, we respect all the artists we feature here and know the hard work that goes into their creations.

That said, we live in a time when music consumers want to know what people think. Further, they want to know what both fans and music industry professionals think. Witness the popularity of shows around the world like American Idol, The Voice, and America's Got Talent.

Because of this, our site curates and reviews cover performer videos. Note that this is not a "pay for play" site. No one can buy a spot on our editorial pages or a good review. Also, we have no affiliation with any artists featured here and stand to gain nothing if they are successful. We just want to recognize and expose quality talent and entertain our site visitors.

You can tell when a cover video has been reviewed when you see the circle graph icon on the title image like the image on the left. A full orange circle is a 100/100 point score. You'll notice lots of almost full circles like the 82/100 sample on the left. That's because every cover performer video you see on here is high quality, as mentioned above, but click to see the video and for the full review. There you'll see the performance ranked across the five criteria listed down below with a total score for each criterion out of 100, and a total average score out of 100.

Also, we encourage you and all our site visitors to rate the performances you see here on the site--from 1 to 5 stars--by selecting your rating at the bottom of the t10c Review box. To vote when you've checked out a video, just mouse over the stars and then click on the number of stars you want to give:

By the way, we don't review videos featured what we call "famous" artists, but our site visitors can. Those videos have a star bar on their homepage image like the one on the right, instead of circle graphs. On those videos you'll notice only a "Your Rating" box at the bottom.

Here are our Top10Covers Review criteria:

PERFORMANCE: Quality of the singer's/player's performances on the video. Sometimes, if applicable, we consider the visual presentation as well.

UNIQUENESS: Something different? Appeal as a new presentation of the song while respecting the original when appropriate.

RAW TALENT: Natural talent and technique of the performers. Sometimes this can masked by good production but a skilled reviewer can usually detect the level of natural talent.

X FACTOR: That quality you can't put your finger on that makes it special. Part talent, part uniqueness, part charisma, whatever it is that makes a cover performer's video extra compelling.

VIRAL FACTOR: Popularity across the web/other sites such as YouTube™, etc. Indicators of popularity with the average viewer across multiple sources.

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