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Covers are songs you know, performed by people you probably don't know. But you should, because many of them are great singers, instrumentalists, and overall performers.  

Did you know that famous artists like Justin Bieber, Alessia CaraAriana GrandeKarmin, Tori Kelly, Shawn Mendes, and Pentatonix got their start by posting video covers online? Or that Ed Sheeran still loves performing covers?

Did you know that singers Arnel Pineda of Journey and Tommy DeCarlo of Boston replaced the original lead vocalists in those bands after being discovered from covers they posted on the web?

Here at we are dedicated to helping you hear the best of these performers. But only the best, so you don't have to wade through all the video sharing sites to find the gold.

Who knows? They may just bring out something new in your favorite song and make you like it in a whole new way.  You may also discover one of tomorrow's stars.  And, your vote counts! Your views and votes determine how high a performance ranks here. For info on how our Top 10 charts are determined and lots of other site details, visit our FAQ.

Here’s a Top 10 on how to get the most out of our site:

1-Check out Today's Top 10 lists on the right sidebar that show the most viewed from the last 24 hours. There's one Top 10 for new artists and one for already-famous artists.

2-Browse our posted tracks or search on top for your favorite by original artist, song, or cover performer.  Or search by decade, genre, vocal or instrument using the top menu bar. Like a certain song or artist? Type the info into the top search box and see what you find!

3-See our visitor-ranked Top 100 tracks here or Top 10 lists by category here.

4-Go on our Famous menu tab for some surprising artists who became stars after starting as cover performers or even some examples of well-known artists who just love to cover some of their favorite songs.

5-Click the Cool Stuff button on top bar for some fun categories like Amazing Kids,   Collaborations, Famous Meets AmateurMedleysStreet Performers and Unique.

6-Push play on any video to listen right here on our site. Click the bottom right to go full screen (Esc to go out of full screen).

7-Please VOTE!  Tell us what you think is great by rating performances--this site is driven by what our visitors say is great. We also rate videos from cover performers. Learn more about ratings on our site here.

8-Are you an artist? Explore Artist Membership here (there is a free option available).

9-Enjoy and share with friends!

10-To connect with us: Follow us on social media–we post each new track there. Our Facebook is here, Twitter is here, and Instagram is here. P.S. We're nice people, why not like us on Facebook over on the right sidebar now?

Images (Flickr)--Pentatonix: Ralph Arveson

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