14 Quarantined Musicians From 7 Countries | “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” (Beatles)

Here are 14 musicians from seven countries performing, remotely due to COVID-19 quarantines, the Beatles classic "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." Features on Vocals/Guitar: XAVIER DRUOT (Paris, France); Drums: JON GRUNDTVIG (Copenhagen, Denmark); Bass: MIKE CLINTON (Guadeloupe, France); Piano: LAURIAN DAIRE (Chambéry, France); Lead Guitar: PAT WEST (London, UK); Organ: JOHAN DALGAARD (Aarhus, Denmark); Tambourine: DAVID MIRANDON (Paris, France), Electric Guitar: JOEL SHEARER (Los Angeles, USA); Violin: PAVEL GUERCHOVITCH (Brussels, Belgium); Violin: MARIELLE DE ROCCA-SERRA (Corsica, France); Alto Sax: EMMANUELLE DAUTRY (Bordeaux, France); Cello: PIERRE-FRANCOIS DUFOUR (Bordeaux, France); Trumpet: RENAUD GENSANE (Antanananarivo, Madagascar); Trombone: LUCA SPILER (Adelaide, Australia). Mix by MITCH OLIVIER (Paris, France). Coordination, musical arrangements and video edit by JOHAN DALGAARD (Aarhus, Denmark).

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  • RAW TALENT - 90
  • X FACTOR - 95
  • VIRAL FACTOR - 100


Nothing to say but all heart and talent here. A multinational effort helping to lift the spirits of anyone, including musicians everywhere to still play together, even if it has to be done with the linkage of headphones and the Internet instead of in person in a studio. Thanks for brightening everyone's day with this classic Beatles tune!

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