Ryan Seacrest Launching “Best.Cover.Ever”

Image: http://thebestcoverever.com website

Update: "Best.Cover.Ever" have extended their entry deadline for Jason Derulo, Backstreet Boys, Charlie Puth and Demi Lovato covers to May 24.

In late April 2017 American Idol host and television personality Ryan Seacrest announced a new exciting show that will premier on YouTube™ later this year entitled Best.Cover.Ever. It is yet another sign that being a cover performer is a very good way to make waves and become successful as an artist.

The show will pair major artists such as Demi Lovato, The Backstreet Boys, FloRida, Charlie Puth and Jason Derulo with contestants for a chance to perform a cover of one of their famous songs. It will be hosted by rapper/actor Ludacris and the winner will get to perform a duet with their artist mentor on YouTube. Show contestants must be at least 13 (with ages 13-17 needing parental/guardian permission).

"We couldn't be more excited to premiere this new talent music competition series exclusively on YouTube. Cover songs are a terrific vehicle to help discover fresh talent and YouTube is the perfect platform to do it," said Ryan Seacrest, series Executive Producer and CEO of Ryan Seacrest Productions. "These new young artists will also have the chance to work alongside some of the most renowned musicians in the world, which we hope will generate some great experiences for the artists and contestants alike, and, in turn produce some memorable performances."

Here's official info from the show's producers on how to submit:

"Enter your Best.Cover.Ever. Want to share your love and passion for your favorite artist with the world? We’re bringing some of the biggest names in music together with their most talented fans for a chance at a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration. Submit your best cover for the hit song the artist selects, and you could win a spot on Best.Cover.Ever., a new show from Executive Producer Ryan Seacrest, premiering exclusively on YouTube, where contestants compete for the opportunity to perform a special duet with a music superstar."

  • If you're filming with a cell phone, be sure to hold the phone horizontally
  • Create your own beats, perform a cappella, play instruments. Make sure the music in the recording is your own. Don't use the original artist’s track or sample someone else’s recording that’s not part of your group.
  • Avoid any visible logos on your clothing or in your shots (including posters or artwork on your walls or other background, etc.). The reason for this is most tied to the fact that the producers will want to air the original cover video on the show and can't do it with those logos.
  • Be sure and make a clear recording so that your performance can be heard well.
  • Be creative with your video presentation. Make it unique.
  • Only YouTube links are accepted for the Best.Cover.Ever show (and also here at Top10Covers.com)
  • Make sure your YouTube video is set to ‘Unlisted’ or ‘Public’ settings!

For detailed submission instructions for the show go to their website at: https://thebestcoverever.com/ 

Note: Top10Covers.com is in no way affiliated with the Best.Cover.Ever show or website and is providing this article solely as information for our visitors and artist members. All inquiries regarding their show or entry process should be directed to them via their website.

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