The Waffle Stompers | “Somebody That I Used To Know” cover (Gotye)

Okay, here's something unique, a cover of a cover. Six guys playing "Somebody That I Used To Know" by Gotye on a single ukulele while a couple of them sing the track, just like Walk Off The Earth did before they were featured on The Ellen Show. The Waffle Stompers are also pretty good. Who did it better? Rate them both and tell us! Here is Walk Off The Moon's version on a single guitar. Giving them credit, WOTM were first...

UKULELE/VOCALS (The Waffle Stompers):



Top10Covers Review
  • RAW TALENT - 85
  • X FACTOR - 88


A take off on Walk Off The Earth's idea, this is also a finely executed version of the song that was everywhere in 2011. Finely performed with a touch of deadpan humor, there is also some fine vocal work here. Big viral video for these performers as well.

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