Ted Yoder | “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” cover (Tears For Fears)

Tears For Fears "Everybody Wants to Rule The World" became a huge hit in 1986 and their album, Songs from the Big Chair, topped the Billboard Top 200 album chart.  Here Ted Yoder plays dulcimer in a unique cover of the song. Be sure and check out this version as well, in which Curt Smith, lead singer of Tears For Fears stopped by Yoder's backyard to sing along with the dulcimer specialist.

DULCIMER (Ted Yoder):


Top10Covers Review
  • Performance - 89
  • Uniqueness - 96
  • Natural Talent - 86
  • X Factor - 80
  • Viral Factor - 86


Set outside, this cover performer brings out an organic, natural take on the 80s synth pop hit by playing it on his dulcimer. Enjoyable listening--if a little one dimensional--but worth noting is it attracted the interest of the Tears For Fears frontman himself. Likely the highest compliment of all.

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